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Instrumental Mp3 MP3

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Title:Mix - Instrumental mp3


Quality:320 Kbps

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Dilli kaval

The dilli kaval (Azerbaijani: Tütək) is a traditional fipple flute from Turkey and Azerbaijan. They are typically made of plum, ebony, or apricot wood. They have a seven holes on the front and a thumb hole on the back; the lowest hole on the front is seldom, if ever covered while playing.. Similar to an penny whistle, the register can be controlled by the force of breath. The word "dilli" is Turkish for "tongued" and alludes to the fact that this flute has a duct or "fipple" rather than being rim-blown like a conventional kaval. The soprano dilli kaval in C and the alto version in A are handmade. Both types were patented by Burhan Tarlabaşı. All 12 chromatic tones from Low A to High G# can be played on them. Custom-made ebony-reed kavals in C# and F#, also designed by Burhan Tarlabaşı, are very rare. Their sound is very crisp and similar to tin whistles, but the wood adds a breathy softness.

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